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Best types of Boots or military shoes

In the beginning, we must make it clear that any member of the armed forces is certain that wearing the best military shoes assisted by a helper is very good at providing the best performance and should include characteristics that are comfortable and light to help him speed in performance and provide full protection of the foot from external factors .
Come to us to know the important specifications and modern technologies that we want to be in the military shoe to be the best military shoe or a line.

1 – It is no different that the form of shoe or dresser must be attractive and elegant in order to give the best forms of military uniform for the soldier.
2 – Technique Iron Mask: This technique is the treatment of the product with a specific material that gives many advantages to the shoes, such as preventing the outer envelope from absorbing water, the water has no impact on the shoe and therefore maintain it and prevent foot contact with water and maintain the weight of the shoe and allow breathing breath shoes Fabulous.
3 – Must be added breathing holes to the shoes in the front in the most area where friction of the foot and thus generate heat and expelled directly through the airways that allow the entry and exit of air and do not allow the entry of dirt or any other bodies and thus keep the cold foot in the most hot areas the world.
4. It is also important that the shoe floor is designed with a specific type of hardened rubber reinforced and resistant to oil and slip.
5 – It should also have a footer of hardened rubber reinforced and reinforced to help the rapid climb of the rough terrain, and the introduction of the shoe from the top is designed from hardened leather and solid protects the foot of the introduction of strong collisions.
6 – It is also important that the design of the shoe from the center of the interior of the interior of the added layer of plastic allow the shoes to keep it from melting during the operations ((descend from the rope)) and this area is designed with an inscription gives control of the process of descent from the rope. In addition to the upper corner in the same area, it is designed with a layer of ceramic chips that prevent the solubility of the shoe even after performing several operations of descent from the rope continuously and the opposite of the center designed at an angle acts as a brake or brake to control standing at any time during the slide.
7. The internal filling of the shoes or the dents is thick and designed from light and strong materials to hold the foot well. It also allows the breathing process to boot and expel the sweat generated by the foot. In addition, the CMU ensures the shoe design, which gives the feet a good fit inside the shoe to give better control during Fast and powerful movement.
8 – All materials manufactured, including shoes in general, prevent the erosion of the shoe and keep its shape new under the most difficult and difficult conditions. It gives a very light weight for shoes.

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