Terms & Conditions | Emlaq army shop

We would like to inform you that through this space we will present a set of terms and conditions which you agree to be a condition for accepting your registration with us, so we hope you read these terms and conditions and review them well

First: personal account

The site provides each member with a special page to manage his / her personal account from personal information, shipping addresses, order information, wishes, bonus balances, etc. The responsibility for updating the data and confirming its accuracy and accuracy is the responsibility of the member himself. Once you agree to these terms, you are bound by any activity under this account name. Protect your personal account from others using it and protect your password

The Site reserves the right to refuse to provide the Service, modify or delete the data, cancel the orders, or delete the entire account

Second: Evaluations, comments and communication with the site and members

When activating the ability to write comments on products, where members and visitors are entitled to send assessments and comments on the products offered, and to send comments and inquiries to the site, the member must be committed to his comments away from insulting or derogating from other members, and be within the public ethics

We welcome members and visitors to communicate with the site’s management, but it is not intended to send spam messages

The site reserves the right to modify or delete inappropriate comments, alert the offending member or delete its subscription

Third: Prices of products

The price list for the products is determined to be competitive and accessible to all, so that the price shown next to the product is the final price. No other costs, such as shipping and delivery, are calculated. For customers outside Saudi Arabia, the shipping cost will be calculated by geographical area and weight during the order process. Products There is a fixed value for shipping regardless of geographical area or weight.

The site is committed to the list of prices declared, for our customers from outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, any customs duties may be imposed on the required item, will be contacted the customer to inform him of the value of fees, and the customer must either pay or request the return of the commodity

Fourth: Order / purchase of products

If you have any technical problems in the product ordering process, you can use the explanatory explanations on our pages or call us for help

– Your registration with us allows you to have a range of services that enable you to track the status of your current orders, review your previous order history, review invoices, receive bonus points, and much more

– By being a visitor you lose your right to a special page to follow up your order history, but you will receive alerts on your email when you change the status of your order

– Make sure that your contact information is correct, such as e-mail and phone number, so that your request is not subject to cancellation

– To ensure that the product arrives as soon as possible, be sure to write the shipping address in the correct manner

– When you choose the payment method through electronic payment portals such as PayPal or CashU, the system will automatically transfer you to those portals to make the payment process securely, and after the completion of the payment system will automatically return you to our site

– When choosing the payment method through the electronic payment gateways such as PayPal or CashU, make sure that the billing address is identical with your credit card information so that there are no problems during the confirmation and withdrawal process

– The site is committed not to store credit card data, and the payment will be through reliable electronic payment gates such as PayPal and CashU

– The site reserves the right to cancel any application that is contrary to the instructions, or if the data entered is incorrect

Fifth: Product Returns Policy

– The customer has the right to return the products and replace them within a period of 7 days from the date of receipt, provided that the products are not in the list of products that cannot be returned or replaced – The customer shall bear the cost of returning the products in the event of a defect or damage to the product and its conformity with the specifications mentioned on the site. In case of defect, damage or non-conformity of the product to the specifications mentioned on the site, the site bears the cost of return

– When ordering products, customer service staff will verify the request and specifications required, so when requesting replacement of a product the customer bears the cost of return if the specifications received were in accordance with the specifications mentioned on the site