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Rukn Alemlak For Military Supplies Center is a Saudi company specialized in providing logistics services in the field of military equipment for clothing and accessories for the military and security sectors in Saudi Arabia. Rukn Alemlak for Military Supplies Company was established in 1998. The company has always sought to develop, From generation to generation. During that period, it provided many of its services to the military and security authorities in clothing and accessories, and in the field of military sewing, where the company owns the latest sewing and embroidery machines, which employs the most efficient tailors, The company is considered one of the oldest and initial Saudi firms in the field of sewing and military equipment, which seeks always to the development and upgrading of equipment and military are proud to offer our services to soldiers and sons of this generous country Saudi Arabia

Rukn Alemlak for Military Supplies is one of the branches of Rukn Alemlak Trading and Contracting Co. where the company works in many activities in the construction, investment and other activities. The company also works in cooperation with the company for the development of the leaders and all the work of the best sons of the homeland of the labor and resident in Saudi Arabia, which are characterized by serious efficiency in order to upgrade the level of services provided by the company, which is keen the giant corner company to its employees to provide the highest and highest possible services to customers, and the company is keen to make employees in the company as family in dealing in all areas, The level of work or entertainment, which positively affects the performance of employees and maintains a sense of belonging to the family are the Rukn Alemlak.

Company Profile

The activity of the company started in the field of iron, scrap, military shops and equipment, in addition to the transportation activities. All this activity was under the umbrella of the Rukn Alemlak Foundation about fifteen years ago, and thank God and the success of the work. These activities are operated by the most competent officials and employees and are supervised by the company’s head office located at Said Bin Abi Waqas Street in Riyadh, where the company operates according to the plans of the Court and Madrasa, which started since it was established and with God’s help and conciliation, then the efforts of all the worlds of the company will continue to develop and success until we see Giant Corner Company N among the largest companies in the Arab world and even the world referred to

Company Message

Rukn Alemlak Company is committed to providing the highest level of services for its valued customers

Rukn Alemlak Development believes that the company’s development process is linked to its human resources

The company’s history is that it has considerable experience in the field of military equipment and construction

The company’s main objective is to keep abreast of what is new and of economic value

Rukn Alemlak encourages its employees to obtain the highest positions and leaders, depending on their qualifications and management policy

The Aims of the company

. Complete customer satisfaction and relevant inquiries

Compliance with instructions from the security authorities in areas affecting the homeland and citizens’ security

Quality of execution and performance of work according to the required standards

To maintain the safety and health of employees and those related to the activity

The appropriate profitability to stay at the forefront of the Saudi market

company’s policy

The concept of the giant corner company is for excellence and excellence based on design, development, control, management, service delivery and implementation of the work according to the required quality standards and the surrounding environment and maintain the safety and health of employees to achieve the full satisfaction of the income and external customers and all stakeholders,

Training required to raise efficiency and the necessary capabilities to continuously improve the quality of the implementation of business and services with our commitment to all laws and regulations and occupational safety and health