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Since that was the decision to establish Imlaq Army Shop, we have created a set of principles upon ourselves to take them in mind in order to build trust with our customers, and among these principles is our privacy policy

We are pleased to present our privacy policy through the following points:

1. The site collects personal information such as name, e-mail and mobile number, address and other data, just by registering on our site, and through the data that you provide

2. The site withholds apply this data, but in order to improve the quality of service provided to you, and to customize the content for you

3. The site is committed to confidentiality of your data and not detectable or granted or provided to any third party without your consent

4. The site has the right to disclose your location in the event of a prosecution or lawsuits

5. The site dealing with the cookies and log files, which contain information on Internet addresses and the service provider and the user’s browser type and other data for the purpose of analyzing statistics and improve the services provided and customize content

6. The site sends messages to your e-mail in the following cases: registering a new account on our site, you carry out a new request from our site, track the status of shipments, and in the case of password loss

7. In the case of subscribing to our newsletter, the site will send a mailing bulletins (daily, weekly, monthly) includes our latest products and offerings

8. If you do not want to receive e-mail or mailing brochures of our site you can unsubscribe by clicking on the link (unsubscribe) at the bottom of each mailing message, and will be directed to the unsubscribing page

9. The site using AdWords Remarketing to re-target site visitors based on specific specifications

10. The third parties, including Google are re-targeting site visitors according to their interests and that may be linked to Rukn Alemlak

11. The third parties, including Google are using cookie files to display Imlaq Army Shop ads based on previous visits to the site

12. The site may change the privacy policy when there are reasons in favor of it, our customers will be notified of the existence of changes or additions to the privacy policy

Welcome to Imlaq Army Shop, in the case of any complaints regarding privacy policy, we hope that you connect directly to the public administration through the titles and numbers published on the site

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